Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync my Patreon reward?
1. Make sure that your currency at Patreon is set to USD at the bottom of the page;
1a. If you have not pledged then select the tier that you like to pledge;
1b. If you have already pledged head to and click edit;
2.1 (re)enter your billing information in shipping fields of the pledge;
2.2 Avoid using special characters such as ä and ë (replace them with counterparts such as a and e);
3. Save your pledge;
4. Head to the game and go to the My Account > Providers page;
5. Connect your Patreon account to the game;
6. Wait for your reward to sync in to the game (can take up to 60 minutes);

Please note that rewards for upcoming months will automatically be synced on the 6th of the month.
You can reactivate your pledge during the month in which you pledged without any additional costs.

Missing any of your past rewards after fixing the sync settings?
Please send us a message, and we will look into that for you.

Last Updated 6 months ago

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